Overview for hack24


Hack 24 time is upon us! This is my 4th Hack 24 and I'll be live-blogging the experience of the weekend.

Hack 24: 2017 Live Blog

Hack 24 is here once again! I'll be participating as a hacker, and live-blogging the experience of the weekend.

Less than 24 hours until Hack24!

With less than 24 hours until Hack24, I've been grabbing the stuff I need (well, probably don't need...) so I have everything sorted and can leave early in the morning.

Before the Hack24 Hackathon

In just under 2 weeks I'll be spending a weekend hacking at code. Meeting other developers and creative minds while the PHP East Midlands team will take on challenges set by sponsors - how will we do? What will we do?