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Symfony and Dokku

Recently I've been using Dokku to deploy some of my side-projects, I wanted a simple deployment procedure that didn't rely on complicated build systems, as these were just small apps that I needed to host somewhere easily. I'm using Dokku for that - so here's some instructions for getting Symfony working with it.

My command prompt

When giving talks, I'll often give a demo, when asking if anyone has questions at the end of the talk, often I'll be asked "what is your prompt and where can I get it?"

Hack 24: 2017 Live Blog

Hack 24 is here once again! I'll be participating as a hacker, and live-blogging the experience of the weekend.

Testing PHP PSR-7 Middleware

Lots of Middleware is being written for PHP, most of it compatible with PSR-7 messages - here's how I've been testing some middleware I've written for apps in Slim.