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Mini-story: The care and handling of dragons

As part of the DDD East Midlands speakers workshop we were asked to write a 3 minute talk on any subject of our choosing and we had to deliver it without slides. We had 30 minutes to prepare and so I chose to talk about Mr Edwin Hubble, my crested gecko!

Docker Volume mounts in WSL

Docker volumes are fiddly and just don't work out-of-the-box with WSL. Here's how to fix that...

PHP (7.2), Xdebug and Docker (Compose)

For our project at work, we needed to set up Xdebug in Docker. Not only this, but we had different developers using different machines and operating systems, the IP of the host would need to be flexible for it to work for us all. Here's how we did it.

Contract Testing

Getting things set up and rolling at my new job, the test setup and how to do some things was something I was especially interested in. Due to past experience with testing, I was asked to put thoughts, ideas and techniques together to help us kick things off 'right'. I brought up the subject of contract testing and figured I'd write up my thoughts and notes on it.