Going #FullMonzo

I've used Monzo for a number of years, but never as my primary account. I've used the Current Account Switch Service to move completely from my old bank account to Monzo - here's what I've now got setup.

Bullet Journalling: 2020 Edition

I've been using a Bullet Journal for a few years now, what started off as something to try turned into something I rely on day to day. I thought I'd post an update on how I now use it.

Invisibly good Windows software

A couple of bits of software I have on my systems that once installed, I kinda forget they're there, but they're very useful

Mini-story: The care and handling of dragons

As part of the DDD East Midlands speakers workshop we were asked to write a 3 minute talk on any subject of our choosing and we had to deliver it without slides. We had 30 minutes to prepare and so I chose to talk about Mr Edwin Hubble, my crested gecko!

Docker Volume mounts in WSL

Docker volumes are fiddly and just don't work out-of-the-box with WSL. Here's how to fix that...